Who Am I According To The Official Warriors Site?

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Using the quizzes and tests available on the site, I’ve discovered my Official Warriors Information.

First up, we have my name. I decided to use the image that relied on a pet name and a birth month to decide this as I haven’t beaten the new Medicine Mission game yet. However, I ran into some problems, with my name ending up as Stormstorm. That doesn’t sound quite right, does it?
Sadie and Shadow gave me the first Storm, and April gave me the second Storm! If I went with Lacey as my favourite pet, I would be Lionstorm. I don’t like having to choose between my pets, but since cats are my favourite animal I went with Sadie and Shadow.
So, uh, “Hi there, I’m Stormstorm”!

Secondly, my Clan. I took the quiz on this, and ended up with SkyClan, since apparently I chose mostly ‘C’s! I don’t mind this to be honest, since both ThunderClan and SkyClan (and sometimes RiverClan) are my favourite Clans. If I had taken this test before I read the books that first introduce SkyClan, I would have been thoroughly frustrated.

Thirdly, which cat am I? This is the one that is displayed on your profile/account page, under your username and profile picture. I’ve taken this test many times over the years, with several different answers… The first time, I got Firestar, which I was (of course) delighted about. Several other times, I tried and got either Firestar or Squirrelflight. Today I tried again and got Bramblestar. I’m going to stick with that. I’m a SkyClan cat called Stormstorm, and yet I’m also Bramblestar, the ThunderClan leader?

I took the mythological Clan quiz for the first time, too. I ended up as a LionClan cat, with mostly ‘A’s. According to the site, I am now known for my boldness, courage, and a deep sense of honour, and apparently, I have the courage, the straightforward way of thinking, and the honour of a ‘true LionClan warrior’.

I also found out what power StarClan would grant me- walking in others’ dreams. A little creepy, but sure a good way to find out what people are scared of! To get to the actual quiz, I had to guess what the link was based on the title and type it into the URL bar as clicking on the link/button thing didn’t seem to be working! I don’t really have much else to say about this one, except that it’s a bit like the power I chose in one of the polls on the site, Reading Minds!

That’s all for now, and I hope you have a good day!
If you’re bored, I recommend you go try these quizzes yourself at the warrior cats site!


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