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Hi there!
If you’ve seen my YouTube channel Kattcrazy, you might have noticed that you can’t comment.

Well, this is the place for that- head on down to the comments section and start typing!
One thing- make sure you mention what video you are commenting about, otherwise I might be a little confused.

Also please be respectful of the work I have put into my videos and don’t be unkind. Thanks!

24 thoughts on “YouTube Comments

  1. Just watched your torch making video. Wow there’s so many pieces that all look really complicated to make 😂 You are good at working out how to do things! 👍

  2. Hi, a comment for Fanon Character Showcase night lights. All of them have vanilla designs. My fanon proposal is the fact that such coloration is for young stage, and upon becoming a adult the Night Light recieves the dominant gene and becomes one, night or light, not both. It seems that’s unique NON-subspecies compatibility. No idea how to describe, but 3rd movie team just slapped this conception to public… Well, we can react as the community. And I did.

  3. For the video “How To Gain A Cat’s Trust” 1 and 2, I use the same method!

  4. Just watched The Last Battle. Wonderful work, so realistic. Good voices! I was caught up in all the tension! What a sad cry from Sandstorm! I can imagine lip syncing taking forever… may be one day.. Congratulations on an amazing video!!

  5. “The Final Battle – Warrior Cats Animation”. Amazing animation Katt! The transitions are so well done. Imogen is hooked.

  6. Weekly Cat Fact #17

    A cat named Stubbs was the Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, U.S. for 20 years until he died in 2017.
    Can you imagine having a cat in charge of your town? I reckon it’d be kinda cool.

    Sent you the image another way.

  7. This week I learned why they wiggle before pouncing (so cute)! Makes sense actually. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I am loving the regular cat facts! It’s fun learning a little somethinng new about cats each week, and there are so many pretty cats in the neighbourhood!! 😀

  9. How wonderful to have such a co-operative model for your Merry Christmas video. She did look rather cute!

  10. Excellent demo on befriending cats. Very clever to film what you are talking about!

  11. Loving the cat facts in the community feed on YouTube. Cat Fact #4 about tabbies is a surprise! I always called them a breed! Now I know better 🙂

  12. Very cool animations (FlipaClip Animation Collection 2). I especially liked the pencil!

  13. I enjoyed the video of your history of drawing cats. What a difference being able to use the new programmes has made. The pictures have become more detailed and so interesting. They still look as though they have taken a lot of work to do though. Well done!

  14. Hey Summer, I really like your video Toothless’ Tail Fin in Action – Stop Motion
    It’s a very creative use of lego!

  15. K I just saw your how to on drawing a yawning cat… I love it! So cool to see how you make it… All the different stages. You have a such skill!!

  16. I love Spinning Cat 🙂 I can see why she needs to have a little break every now and then! So cute

  17. Sadie – My Cat…. I just want to sleep after watching her for even half a minute! A sleeping cat is so calming. Yes, I agree with your caption!!

  18. Why was there half a ship in the land I wonder?? Yes, the start made me jittery! Hehe

  19. I liked your video Digging out a Shipwreck in Minecraft, at the end when it went much slower so I could see what was going on! It was very clever.

  20. Example comment

    Hi, just wanted to say that I really liked your video titled “Sadie – My Cat”.
    She’s so funny when she walks across the roof like that!

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