Welcome to my Website!

Hi there 🙂

This is my website, where I’ll share stuff that I’m doing, which is mainly creative stuff, like drawing and animating.

My (online) name is Katt, and I’m really glad you’re here! No, truely, I’m not just saying that. I honestly appreciate you taking the time to come to my website.

Want to know a little more about me? Just scroll down…

Click to see my animations on YT!

On my YouTube Channel, I show my animations in Collections…

Click to see my art on YT!

On my YouTube Channel, I show my art in various ways like speed-draws…

About Me

So…. first of all, “Katt” is pronounced “cat”. Just thought that might be handy to know.
My full online name is Kattcrazy, but Katt is nice and short, don’t you think?
My pronouns are she/her.

I like doing almost anything digital such as art and animation, but I also enjoy reading and writing.

This website is made entirely by me (including writing, design and customisation), but I gotta thank my dad for inspiring me with his website and also helping me whenever it crashes haha.
And yes, that means any grammatically incorrect sentences or misspelt words are due to me. You’re welcome to point any mistakes out, just keep in mind that I’m doing my best.

And I guess that’s all there really is for you to know.

Feel free to check out some of my other posts for drawings and what I’m up to!
I also have a shop where I sell images (mainly ones I have drawn or captured) as wallpapers if you’re interested.

I hope you have a great day (or night),

You can watch my YouTube channel trailer right here…

14 thoughts on “Welcome to my Website!

  1. Hi Katt,
    loving your flower image and the sunrise pictures in particular .. some of my favourite things and you have captured a beautiful atmosphere within them .

  2. this is really well set out! and also your drawings are so good, i love this ?

  3. Hello Katt ? this is Mieke sending some friendly hellos from Noosa Qld Australia.

  4. Dear Katt, I love that you work hard on this website. { pls can you make a story about a bunny.} and I love your minecraft {java} blog your creations are great. please can you tell me how to
    draw the cute eyes they are super cute!!! :3

  5. Hey Katt,

    I saw someone’s “soccer is cool” shirt at soccer the other day, definitely pretty cool! Keep me posted if you ever make more ?

  6. How wonderful Katt?? We look forward to seeing more of your sketches ??‍?

  7. flow your dreams summer: (lily’s mum)
    ?are red violets are blue there’s no one as cool as you :lily
    we love you summer
    from the cook family.??‍?‍?

  8. Ouuu cool! Yay now I can show the kids all this cool stuff. Thanks Katt! Keep writing these stories of yours!

  9. Hi Katt, thank you for inviting me to have a look at your website. I love your story picture creations, coding, and cute cat pictures having a festive time. You are SUPER creative and clever!

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