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Scratch is a website that is aimed toward children of 8-16 years old. It is a social environment where you can create visual block-coding, chat with others (all public, no direct messages), and learn new skills.

Here is an image of the Scratch “project editor”. You drag coding blocks into the area to the right, and watch their effect on the stage, which will be what shows when you click “play” on the project.

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I enjoy using Scratch because it gives me a chance to improve my visual coding, as well as chatting and helping others.
I have made lots of games, animations, and some art, too! For me, it is a fun and educational platform that I would highly encourage you to check out!

Making an account is very simple, and it is free! It would be pretty cool if you signed up! (If you are a kid, please check with your parents first).
I’d love to see you there, so just visit my profile!

My Scratch Journey

As a Scratch user myself, I have been on Scratch for around a year and 8 months, but only recently became “active”.

When I first joined for school, I experimented a little, making projects, but never sharing them, or using the social side of the website.
I remember my first project- I was so proud of it, but it was only a little animation.
It was a project that included a drawing of a branch I had done, two sprites (entities, or objects), and some very simple coding. The giraffe moved across the stage/screen toward an apple hanging on my picture of a branch. The Giraffe said, “This is a big Apple. Oh well”, and ate the apple, while the apple said, “Oh no!” Then the giraffe returned to its original position. You can view it here.

After 10 months, I remember going on one day, only to find that a kind Scratcher (aka Scratch User) had commented on my profile, and also taken pity on me (I think). They kindly helped me gain followers, which are a part of Scratch (if you follow someone, you will be able to see what they have posted, favourited, and so on, recently). I started using Scratch more, and I began to actually learn to code properly. I made a few games, most of which are unshared now. I’m honestly not sure how I learned to code, I’m pretty sure I taught myself, actually!

Then again, I stopped using Scratch for a little.

Around 2021, I began to use it again. Now, as a Scratcher (not a New Scratcher anymore!) I am proud to say that I have made over a hundred projects, have 800+ followers, and am quite active in the community.


I’ll give you some links to some projects, profiles, and studios, that you might want to see.

My profile, where you can access all my projects, studios, accounts, followers!

My project, Scratch Simulator 4.0, has been on the front page of Scratch two times! I’m really proud of this project, I’d say it is my best so far!

PinksMonkey, a friend. He has made many studios that support Neurodivergent people, as well as generally helping people understand many topics, such as Autism. She is also following so many people that they have reached the limit!

The Scratch Sign-Up page, in case you want to join!

About Scratch page, coz I think you might want to know more now.

This is the Scratch Project Editor. If you make something, make sure to download the file or make an account so you don’t lose your work!

That’s all for now! Let me know if you’d like to know more in the comments below 🙂


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